Dinmore Manor - 3850

Dinmore Manor - 3850

Monday, 14 March 2016

Club 3850

There has been a recent unwelcome discovery in the dismantling of 3850 as part of her 10 year overhaul.  Her cylinder block has turned out to have a substantial crack, from top to bottom. 
3850's cylinder block
Close up view of the crack
At the time of writing, it is not known whether or not the cylinder block is repairable, or if we need to get a new one cast.  Until we lift the boiler and can  remove the cylinder block, we won't be able to examine it properly and form an opinion.  Regardless, the overhaul of 3850 will not be cheap.   In order to meet the cost of the overhaul, including dealing with the crack in the cylinder block, Dinmore Manor Locomotive LTD has commenced a fund raising campaign, which will include Club 3850:

 You will notice that Club 3850 includes for the Gold level members, amongst other enticements, a 1 hour helicopter flight over the GWSR following either Dinmore Manor, or when she is back in traffic, 3850. 

The first Club 3850 member, Ian Shapter took his helicopter flight on Friday 11th March, I went along to record the event for posterity...  it's a tough job, but somebody has got to do it.

Should you be tempted to take the plunge and become a 3850 club gold member, an interesting idea might well be to book your helicopter flight on one of the days of the GWSR's "Cotswold Festival of Steam" gala on the late May bank holiday weekend (May 28th - 30th), when we will have up to 8 locomotives in steam, not just Dinmore Manor, but newly restored Bulleid Merchant Navy class, 35006, Peninsular and Oriental S.N. Co as well as 3 guest locos, including BR Standard 9F, 92214.

I can vouch first hand that the 1 hour flight is a truly memorable experience, certainly one that I won't forget in a hurry.
Ian Shapter (l) with our pilot, Lee.
On the short flight from Staverton airport to the GWSR
Dinmore Manor waiting for us at Winchcombe
Entering Greet tunnel...
...and emerging into the sunshine.
Passing Gretton
Steaming past Far Stanley...
...and into Dixton cutting
Pausing at Gotherington station
Looking like she is on double track mainline at Gotherington loop
Heading towards Bishops Cleeve
Passing through Bishops Cleeve
Approaching Cheltenham Race Course
The crew & attendees of the DMLL shareholders day waving at us.
The most important bit of course is how can you help?  Joining DMLL as a working volunteer will always be welcome. Details of how to do that can be found by clicking here. For those who live further away from our restoration base at Toddington on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway or don't have enough free time to commit, then joining Club 3850 at one of the three levels will help us to return 3850 back to working order.  Please download, print and send off this application form:

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  1. Reference your cylinder block that's normal for that to happen it can be repaired as this was done on 3822,and7202 at didcot with metal stitching if i remember it was done by a company called metlock who repaired castings for power stations ?